It's been a few weeks, but I'm still pretty jazzed from the wonderful experience that was 'The Merchant of Venice'. 

Here's what some people said about my performance as Nerissa:

"charming" "acute" and "admirable"

"And, if it weren’t for Mazda’s remarkable performance, Grace Merriman’s magnificent Nerissa would be said to have stolen the show. Equal parts flirtatious and deliciously adorable, she’s a  boogie-woogie girl straight out of an Andrews Sisters movie. She’s a perfect comic foil to Joy Donze’s equally charming Portia. Her eye-rolls, winks and smirks add layers to both characters, making the women the real, unintentional centerpieces of the play. Though I’d seen neither Mazda nor Merriman on stage prior, I cannot wait to see them again. "

Check out the reviews for yourself: