Did you know that my brother, Blake Merriman, is also an actor? Well you SHOULD! 

Together, we’ve been hard at work producing a revival or Brilliant Traces by Cindy Lou Johnson opening THIS FEBRUARY at THE WORKSHOP THEATER in NYC!

Right now we’re coming into the closing stretch of our Kickstarter campaign and things are looking GREAT, because we have a MATCHING DONOR who is willing to double every single donation made between now and the end of our campaign on Wednesday, January 10th at 11:59pm! 

Here’s a synopsis of Brilliant Traces:

As a blizzard rages outside his remote Alaskan cabin, a man lies deep in slumber under a heap of blankets. Suddenly, he is awakened by the desperate knocks of an unexpected visitor, a distraught young woman, who bursts into his cabin dressed in full bridal regalia. Strung-out and exhausted, she throws herself on the man’s mercy, but after sleeping for two days straight, her vigor—and combativeness—return. Both characters, it turns out, have been wounded and embittered by life, and both are refugees from civilization. Thrown together in this snowbound cabin, they alternately repel and attract each other as they explore the pain of the past and confront the old griefs and bitter feelings that haunt their lives…

I’m THRILLED to be involved in such an exciting production and I’m very proud to be working alongside Blake as we realize this wonderful show! I’m really looking forward to seeing him perform this role! 

If you’d like to donate to our kickstarter campaign—there’s still time! Check us out at :